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Win-with-1 is Now Part of PopCred!

A few months ago, all PopCred Network site owners were sent a letter about our decision to close down the subdomain sites. While we still love the network idea, we found the implementation to be problematic from the administrative side.

Network sites are a different animal from stand-alone sites Those small differences meant that our network customers didn’t have the same FTP and file access and couldn’t upload their own themes and plugins.

All our clients who responded have had their sites converted to standalone WordPress sites. They can manipulate their site any way they choose at a phenomenal annual fee.

To complete the change, we moved Win-with-1.com to PopCred.net and merged the content. Why? We just like the name PopCred better!

If you’d like to get a site up and running in just a few days, join the blogging revolution with a PopCred.net standalone WordPress site today!

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