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Welcome to the PopCred Newtork

PopCred was born today. Although the site won’t be announced to the world for a month, today marks the official launch of the site dedicated to helping regular people make money with blogs.

One blogger makes millions per month. Tens of bloggers make hundreds of thousands month. Hundreds of bloggers make tens of thousands per month. Thousands of blogger make thousands per month. Tens of thousands make hundreds per month. Hundreds of thousands make tens of dollars per month. And millions of blogger make next to nothing.

This aren’t scientifically correlated statistics. They arrive from my years of anecdotal experience in the market, But I’d guess they are spot on.

Where are the odds you’ll make money blogging? Not very good if you look at the numbers. But, again from experience, I’m convinced that the proper tools — combined with a sincere willingness to learn and a commitment to work — most anyone with basic skills and equipment can get themselves into the thousands who make thousands group.

I’m not blogging about blogging because it’s sexy. I’m blogging about it because I’ve done it myself.

The PopCred Network is here to:

  • Provide the technical expertise so blogging is easy
  • Provide the premium tools so blogging is efficient and fun
  • Provide the supportive community needed to get traffic and establish a real blogging presence quickly
  • And to do it all on a shoestring budget

Join the PopCred Network and make money with your blog!

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