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Using the WordPress Video Tutorials

All members of the PopCred Network have access to an updated set of video tutorials to help you create the perfect site for your niche blog. To access these videos, login at your dashboard.

Subdomain: http://yoursite.popcred.net/wp-login.php

Mapped domain: http://yoursite/wp-login.php

PopCred Login


Click on the Video Tutorials tab in your left nav bar.

WordPress Video Tutorials Menu

There you will find an array of helpful, step-by-step tutorials. As of this writing, they include:

The Dashboard

  • Dashboard
  • Admin Bar
  • QuickPress
  • Changing Your Passord


  • Adding New Posts
  • Trashing a Post
  • Restoring a Post


  • Adding New Pages
  • Trashing a Pages
  • Restoring a Pages

The Visual Editor

  • The Toolbar
  • Editing Text
  • Adding Paragraphs
  • Add Heading
  • Hyperlinks
  • Lists
  • Pasting from Word
  • oEmbed
  • Excerpts

Working with Images

  • Adding an Image from Your Computer
  • Adding an Image from Media Library
  • Adding an Image from a URL
  • Editing Images
  • Replacing an Image
  • Deleting Images
  • Featured Images

Media Library

  • Media Library
  • Adding Media
  • Image Editor
  • Image Editor – Cropping and Scaling
  • Image Editor – Flip, Undo, Redo


  • Switching Themes
  • Managing Widgets
  • Creating and Managing Custom Navigation Menus

Organizing Content

  • Categories
  • Tags

Managing Links

  • Adding Links
  • Link Categories

Managing Comments

  • Comments
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