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PopStars Resource Mashup – Overcoming Fear

If you’ve been thinking about blogging, but are afraid to jump in, read on — and then just do it!

  • How to Overcome the “I Wish” Mentality and Start a Blog
    Adarsh Thampy discusses how people get stuck in wish mode and never take substantive action. She has three rules to get unstuck: stop wishing, stop consuming too much information, and stop thinking about being a pro all the time. Read this and get a good kick in the backside.
  • Overcoming Blogging’s Fear Factor
    Mark Schaefer discusses how to build confidence in your ability to become a successful blogger.
  • The 7 Deadly Fears of Blogging and How to Overcome Them
    Nathan Hangen’s guest post on ProBlogger talks about idea generation, holding back, low confidence, little guy syndrome, irrational fear of guest posts, resistance to product creation, and fear of asking for money. Each fear has a tactic to help you overcome the problem.
  • Tips to Overcome a Fear of Blogging
    Gayla Baer gives eight solid tips to help you move from blogging fear to action. Easy to implement.
  • Overcoming Publish Anxiety
    Brandon Freund explores the problems (and some solutions) of never quite being able to click the “Publish” button. What happens when perfectionism takes over and keeps you from reaching your goals? (A good lesson for the woman who’s had a homeschooling book just waiting for publication for three years now.)
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