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PopStars Resource Mashup – Get More Comments

Other than the LIFO (last in first out) model of presenting information, the only real difference between a blog and any other website is that blogs generally invite, encourage, and even thrive on comments. If you get a good conversations going, your traffic skyrockets.

Even for long-time professional bloggers, getting readers to speak up can be a daunting task on a new blog. I’ve been blogging for nine years, but still have only a handful of comments on this weeks-old blog.

But don’t be discouraged. First, look at your traffic. Consistently, I have found that by far most of my readers don’t comment. So if you’re getting decent traffic, your message is getting out. Also, realize that if you write very clearly on a non-controversial topic, there often isn’t much to say in response. Comments often come about because:

Your post needs clarification
Readers want to express a different viewpoint

That said, there are many things that can be done if you’re interested in engaging your readers, starting interaction, and creating community. Here are some great posts to get you started:

  • 10 Simple Ways to Get More Blog Comments
    Before you read anything, read this. And for heaven’s sake, follow suggestions #1 without fail! (And, yes, I know the resource mashup posts break rule #4. That’s the nature of the beast!)
  • 10 Ways to Get Tons of Massive Comments on Your Blog
    Take #1 on this list seriously. On one group blog I write for, I’m known for generating lost of comments. It happens because on that blog I tend to write about things that I’m bothered, concerned, annoyed about. That tends to either remind others that they are also riled up about the issue or encourages those not bothered to defend the status quo. Be careful that you don’t aggravate your readers…too much. Lots of other great tips where. (Note the recommendation for CommentLuv — PopCred members have the premium version!)
  • 5 Painless Ways to Get Maximum Blog Comment Love
    #1 again. But please note #3. I will not even comment on Blogger (Blogspot) posts because they archaic, idiotic commenting system is such a pain (not to mention unsightly). Solid insights.
  • Get More Comments: Focus on the First Comment
    While this post in not filled with cutting-edge ideas, it does clearly explain some important techniques and, even better, gives specific examples of implementing them. A guest post by the Firepole Marketing guy.
  • 14 Devious Tactics for Getting More Comments on You Blog Posts
    If you’ve read through the above posts (and I hope you have!), you’ve noticed there is a lot of repetition. Each post has new insights, but almost every post mentions things like “make commenting easy” or “post something controversial.” That’s because those things work, over and over again. This post, however, has a lot of really interesting, less discussed items. Don’t miss this gem of a post for a plethora of good comment-inducing ideas.


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    As usual thanks for putting together a great post! ..Thanks for all the great information you put together again.

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