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PopStars Resource Mashup – Boost Your Traffic

When I give workshops on how to make money with a blog, I tell attendees that there are two things that are barriers to successfully creating a blogging business. The first is the technical aspect of setting up a website that you own (as opposed to a free blog owned by someone else — never a good foundation for a business), and the second is getting traffic. Even those who successfully navigate the tech end, very often get frustrated because no one reads their amazing site.

And, let’s face it, you can write yourself blue and if no one reads it you’ve wasted your time.

So, for the next few weeks, I want to focus on resources to give you the best traffic building ideas. There is no magic bullet — you still have to do the work — but this will give you some direction. So read on and get to work!

  • Get Quoted in a National Publication
    In April — with my son in the intensive care unit recovering from a ruptured appendix — I was interviewed for an article about the presidential race. The article by Rachel Zoll was syndicated all over the place, including such places as the Washington Post and Huffington Post. As you might expect, the result is a huge traffic bump.
  • How I Got 2000+ NEW Visitors To My Site…With A Front Page PowerPoint Presentation on Slideshare
    If you’re regularly presenting information to your readers in straight text, consider:

    1. Adding images
    2. Creating a video
    3. Recording a podcast
    4. Publish an infographic
    5. Offer a slideshare
  • 5 Easy Tricks to Write Catchy Headlines
    Your title is the gateway to your post. If it’s not attractive, many will turn away before they see a lick of content. Bring them in the door by luring readers with a great headline.
  • One Blog Post Formula Proven to Get Traffic and Subscribers Time and Time Again
    Simple formulas are sometimes the best traffic generators around. This one explains how to profile a short list of other bloggers either in your own niched or one you want to talk about. This social media friendly technique is a no brainer.
  • How to Get Your First Blog Visitors
    Most PopCred Network members are relatively new to blogging. So how do you break into the blogging world and start getting readers?  According to Joel Williams focusing on content and community are the keys.
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