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Perfecting Your Blog Design Is the Wrong Place to Start

Blog Design WrongThere is no perfect blog theme or customization. It doesn’t exist. No matter how much you adjust and futz and tweek, there will always be something that’s not quite right. And you can spend endless hours in search of the perfect background, the optimum header, the most compelling title font.

That’s all well and good — unless you’re spending time that should be used to create quality content and generate targeted traffic.

Back in the day, the only theme going was Kubrick. It was plain and boring and blue. And that’s the way it was. And we all got on blogging in spite of the generic nature of it all.

Today, there are thousands and thousands of themes — and many can be customized to the hilt. It’s great to be free to create just the looks we want. (I use the ultimate Thesis theme on all my blogs and it’s part of the Expert Blogging Package.) But I’ve seen more than my share of new bloggers whose work comes to a screeching halt while they fuss with tiny details — details that won’t matter one iota in the successful monetization of their blogs.

Here’s my expert advice on site design. Just say no! Pick a reasonably good theme, add your blog name and subtitle, and start blogging!

After you have amassed a number of great posts (say 50–100) and after you’ve taken time to bring in some regular readers (besides your mom and your best friend), then you can go back and pitter around with all the minutia. You can change the background color and pattern until your fingers bleed. You can test every font known to mankind. You can spend hours pouring over color combinations and applying hex codes to every possible object.

But now, when you are just beginning, the two essential things are to create quality content and generate targeted traffic. These two things will bring you long-term blogging success. They dwarf just about everything else in importance. They are critical. They need your time and energy. Now.

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  • Mary March 19, 2012, 5:19 pm

    I guess I have done it that way– I’m closing in on 80 posts and now getting antsy to redesign my site from generic to the way I want it. It’s always a question where to focus, and I prefer to concentrate on making content. But the other stuff is important, too.
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  • ProSapien April 23, 2012, 10:02 pm

    Mary, spot on! Content is king. The customization requires a learning curve that is best faced after the content is well on it’s way.
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