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Bartered Promotion

Bartered PromotionBartered promotion is a fabulous concept that I fell into based on need. In 2003 we completed the build of our first fully custom home — and were lucky we lived through it. The process was long, arduous, and difficult.

When we decided to design and build another homea few years later, we wanted to avoid some of the problems in the first build. My solution was to blog the entire custom building process. Each time we needed to select a subcontractor, I posted the requirements online and took multiple bids. I posted a short description of each subcontractor we were considering. Then we met with the top contenders in each category and carefully vetted their offers. When we selected a sub to complete the work, we posted again. When the job was complete, we added a review. The house was complete in 2010.

This rather arduous process had three remarkable benefits:

  1. We got more bids than usual and had many options and approaches to compare
  2. Because of the potential advertising, we got great bids
  3. There was some built-in accountability, knowing there would be a public review

I repeated the process of blogging out an expensive event when our oldest daughter got married in 2011. We saved a great deal of money and maximized our wedding budget.

Other forms of bartered promotion include:

  • Free products and services to review
  • Discounted products and services to try
  • Free items to be used in contests and giveaways