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Advertising Space

Selling advertising space on your blog is simply the digitized version of the basic revenue model used by newspaper, magazines, and other periodicals for ages. With this model, you simply offer particular sizes and placements of image links for merchants. Payment is generally done monthly and the contract terms vary from month-by-month to annually.

If you’re interested in selling advertising space, there are two models you can use.

Sell Your Own Advertising Space

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Advertise Here Advertise Here Advertise Here

Often those interested in selling adverting space on their blog as a way to make money, will post a couple of ads alongside some blank spaces that say “advertise here.” This is much the same way that billboard owners will post a notice on empty billboards, calling attention to the visibility of the adverting space.

The blank image would likely link to an advertising page, explaining the site’s ranking, traffic, customer benefits, and pricing terms.

Use an Advertising Broker

Text Link Ads

An advertising broker can find businesses that will pay for banner or text link advertising. They may have specific conditions, such as:

  • In-post banners or links
  • Sidebar banners or links
  • Contextual links
  • Links confined to a specific page or pages

If you have an authoritative blog, often these brokers will approach you. You can also sign up with specific services. My favorite is Text Link Ads. Their system is reliable, automated, and I get a nice deposit every month with no work involved.