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PopCred Global Posts FeedDid you notice our home page redesign? We’ve reduced the splash page to add a global posts feed to the right sidebar for all PopCred blogs!

What does that mean in English? It means that every time you create a new post on your PopCred blog, you get a blurb and a link to your new post on our site! You start the day with a quality link back and a new traffic source.

This is our first step in networking and working together to help you build the traffic needed for you to make money with your blog!

Now what? Check out the other blogs that are active, click through, read, and make comments. If you like something, share it through FaceBook, Twitter, or your favorite social media. Easy.

Has someone commented on your blog? Click through their name link and reciprocate!

Working together we can create a prosperous community.

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