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Create a New WordPress Post

Once you’ve customized your site to fit, it’s time to add posts. This is the real heart of blogging! The posts are the entries into your blog that draw readers, show up on your home page, and that are sent our in your RSS feed to all your subscribers. This is the good stuff.

Posts are the articles, the content, the heart of your site. They are the items that get linked — in reverse chronological order — from your home page. To create a new post, just follow these steps:

Login to your Dashboard.

Click on Posts>Add New in the left sidebar.

Enter a Title in the first field. Make it descriptive, intriguing, and include keywords. If you have to choose between being clever and descriptive, choose the latter. Post titles aren’t like chapters titles in a book. Your readers aren’t reading your book yet, you need to get them to your site.

Enter your text in the large field. You can format it like a word processor with the controls above the field. Use “Save as draft” regularly while you are working on your post. Be careful about drafting in a regular word processor and then copying/pasting to WordPress. Some word processors (like MSWord, for example) will dump a bunch of garbage characters in to your text field.

Add the appropriate metadata.

Add categories and tags.

When you are done you can publish immediately or schedule WordPress to publish at a particular time. If you want to publish immediately, just click Publish and your post will show up on the home page. If you want to schedule it, click Edit next to “Publish Immediately,” set the desired date and time, click OK. Then click “Schedule.” Your post will show up at the time you set.

You’ve published your first post! You’re on your way.

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  • PaulE December 4, 2009, 3:14 am

    Nice post. Lots of specifics for the newbie.

  • Brad Harmon December 10, 2009, 5:18 pm


    Two tips that I wish I would have known about.

    #1 If you have auto-save option turned on (or maybe this is always on) it will save your permalink sometimes in the middle of typing your title. Make sure your permalink matches your title. I think it also auto-saves as soon as you click in the post box area.

    #2 If you are using Word to draft your post, highlight and copy in Word, then select the Copy from Word option in WordPress. It works much better than just pasting directly.

    Hope that helps somebody out. 🙂


  • Alison Moore Smith January 4, 2010, 4:33 pm

    Brad, sorry I missed this comment earlier.

    I would modify #1 to make sure you check the post slug. (I’m going to write a post specifically about that soon.) I wouldn’t necessarily match it, but make sure it is what you want it to be. (I’ll clarify when I write that post and link it above.)

    On #2, yes! Or just use WordPress to create your posts from the start (that’s what I do). Word mangles special characters among other things. On my group blogs, I can always tell who copied from Word, because I have to go back in and make their posts readable. Ugh.

    Being a MicroSoft hater, this is just one more thing to get bugged about.

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