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Create a New WordPress Page

Now that you know the difference between WordPress pages and posts, it’s time to set up your site by creating the basic pages you need.

Your Win with 1 Blogger Package already includes two crucial pages, the “About” and “Contact” pages. The “Contact” page already has a form set up and linked to your new domain email. You customized your “About” page and it looks great. Now we’ll step you through setting up more new pages from scratch.

Go to: http://www.YourNewDomain.com/wp-admin

Login using the username and password provided you by Win with 1.

This is the administrator Dashboard.

Click on Pages>Add New in the left navbar.

Add a page title in the field right under “Add New Page” heading.

In the main content field, enter whatever information you wish.

Click the small “Edit” button next to the “Permalink” designation. (It’s located right under the page title.)

Enter the URL you’d like to have for your page. The default is to reproduce the title, removing disallowed characters and replacing spaces with dashes. I leave this mostly intact, perhaps removing peripheral words, but leaving keywords in. For example, the default permalink for this post was “…blog-startup-create-a-new-page.” I changed it to “…create-new-page.”

Click the small “Save” button next to the “Permalink” designation.

When you are done editing, add a custom title tag and meta description.

Click “Publish” in the right navbar.

Your page is now live. If you want to link it from your tabbed navigation menu, follow the tabbed navigation tutorial.

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