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7 Steps to Setting Up an Online Store

PopCred sites use the premium MarketPress plugin for a complete store/shopping cart solution. This plugin costs $17 per month if purchased directly. But it is included as part of the PopCred Expert Package for as little as $5.50 per month! To create this tutorial, I set up my own online store, right on another PopCred subdomain site.

After you have created your PopCred network site, just use these seven simple steps to open your own online store. In a few minutes, you’ll be open for business!

Sample MarketPress Store 7 Steps to Setting Up an Online Store


What if Win-with-1 Is Not Right for You?

Hosting ServerIn January I had a life-changing experience. OK, so that’s an overstatement. What I really had was a blog-setup-changing experience.

For a number of years now, I’ve worked at setting up websites for the almost do-it-yourselfer. Win-with-1 is for people who want to own a blog and have control over the basic functions, but don’t want to do the most technical parts of setting up hosting, purchasing domains, loading software, FTPing, customizing, etc.

This has nicely filled a need for a particular niche of bloggers.

But in January, I had an online conversation that changed everything. I learned that there is an entire class of bloggers for whom any technical work is an overwhelming barrier. They don’t want to go up the tech learning curve to setup a blog, but they also don’t want to manage the themes, plugins, and features. What if Win-with-1 Is Not Right for You? continued


Healthy Work from Home

Healthy Work from HomeThe reason I love being a pro blogger is that it’s a model than turn into passive income. You work up front and leave a stream of income behind.

For most people, however, this goal is still in the future, with most of our income coming by selling our time. And really, whether you are an hourly worker or salaried, you’re really doing the same thing. You put in your workdays and you get a paycheck.

For those who need to show up to work in order to make a living, staying healthy is more important than ever. Having just spent nearly two weeks living in the pediatric intensive care unit at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center — with my 11-year-old boy and his terrible case of a ruptured appendix — I learned first hand what a benefit it is to have a business that can be run virtually anywhere. And I really came to have empathy for those who deal with chronic health problems of any kind. Healthy Work from Home continued


Protect Your Business Data

Protect DataThe summer after sixth grade, a family from Sugar City, Idaho, moved in with their cousins on my street. They had survived the Teton damn disaster, losing their home and all their belongings. Through this experience, we hear, first hand, the things that were most difficult about such a situation.

Natural disasters hurt not only families, but can devastate businesses. In 1976, protecting all this data was extremely difficult and time consuming. Today, most of our business files are (or can be) digitized. So backing them up and protecting ourselves is just a matter of setting up a reliable system.

There are myriad data storage systems offering services in all price ranges. Take the time today to make sure your invaluable business files (and all the associated work!) are safely archived. Protect Your Business Data continued


PopStars Resource Mashup – Be Your Own Tech Support

For the past nine days, I’ve been sitting in pediatric intensive care with my 11-year-old son, Samson. He had surgery for a ruptured appendix which, apparently was the worst our surgeon, Dr. Downey, had ever seen. (And this is a man who has done hundreds and hundreds of appendectomies in his distinguished career.) It’s been a very long haul with the end nowhere in site.

[Update: Samson (finally) ate real food and went home from the hospital on April 19!]

[Update 2: Samson was readmitted with a bowel obstruction (resulting from the surgical scar tissue) on April 24. After more surgery, he went home for good on April 29th.]

Over the course of this hospital stay, I’ve been emailed myriad questions from site owners, such as:

  • What should I blog about?
  • What’s a good blog niche?
  • How much money will I make blogging?
  • Is ____________ a good thing to blog about?
  • How do I put an image in a post?
  • How do I make an image align to the right?
  • What is the difference between a page and a post?
  • How do I make links in posts?
  • How do I put paragraphs in a post?
  • What theme should I use for my site?
  • How can I do cheap SEO?
  • How do I use the ____________ plugin?
  • What is social media?
  • How do I link to my FaceBook account?
  • What font looks best?
  • How do I empty a shopping cart?
  • What is metadata?
  • How do I create an ebook?
  • How do I make a PDF file?
  • How can I promote my blog posts?
  • How much should I charge for my product?
  • How do I set up an email feed?
  • What do I use to start a mailing list?
  • How do you do a newsletter with HTML?
  • What are categories and tags for?
  • How much time should I spend blogging every day?
  • Etc.

As much as we’d like to help every single person with all the questions they have, there is no way for us to do it. You can imagine that when we charge only $2.50–$7.00 per month for sites, we can’t spend hours per day answering questions that aren’t directly related to the service we offer and still support PopCred as we need to.

So what’s a blogging newbie to do? Be Your Own Tech Support


Husband’s Business Trips

Guest post from Sylvester Campbell

My husband has to travel a lot for his job. I don’t really like it that much because sometimes he is gone for a whole week, if not two. Most of the time, I feel pretty safe when he is not home. But sometimes if I watch something kind of creepy on television or watch the news that is not that pleasant right before I go to bed, then I hear all kinds of noises while I am laying there and scare myself to death. [click to continue…]


Move Blogger to Self-Hosted WordPress with PopCred

Move Blogger to WordPress.org

Moving your blog content from Blogger (Blogspot) to self-hosted WordPress.org with the PopCred network is fairly simple. Here are the steps: Move Blogger to Self-Hosted WordPress with PopCred


Style & Credibility for Home Business

Home Business StyleYears ago, I entered the public speaking market. My first event was a homeschool convention at Salt Lake Community College and the second, the next day, another homeschool conference in the Salt Palace.

I was excited and anxious and untested. I prepared the best I knew how. And I bought a couple of nice dresses with jackets to wear — thinking that was the kind of thing people wore when they spoke to big audiences. (Aside, of course, from Steve Jobs, who thought jeans and turtle necks were the style of the day. Every day.)

When I got there, I seemed decidedly overdressed. The attendees were mostly moms, some with babes in arms, in very casual attire, with a sprinkling of dads, also in very casual attire. Still, being on stage seemed to indicate a more formal appearance. Business Style for Home Business


PopStars Resource Mashup – Overcoming Fear

If you’ve been thinking about blogging, but are afraid to jump in, read on — and then just do it!

  • How to Overcome the “I Wish” Mentality and Start a Blog
    Adarsh Thampy discusses how people get stuck in wish mode and never take substantive action. She has three rules to get unstuck: stop wishing, stop consuming too much information, and stop thinking about being a pro all the time. Read this and get a good kick in the backside.
  • Overcoming Blogging’s Fear Factor
    Mark Schaefer discusses how to build confidence in your ability to become a successful blogger.
  • The 7 Deadly Fears of Blogging and How to Overcome Them
    Nathan Hangen’s guest post on ProBlogger talks about idea generation, holding back, low confidence, little guy syndrome, irrational fear of guest posts, resistance to product creation, and fear of asking for money. Each fear has a tactic to help you overcome the problem.
  • Tips to Overcome a Fear of Blogging
    Gayla Baer gives eight solid tips to help you move from blogging fear to action. Easy to implement.
  • Overcoming Publish Anxiety
    Brandon Freund explores the problems (and some solutions) of never quite being able to click the “Publish” button. What happens when perfectionism takes over and keeps you from reaching your goals? (A good lesson for the woman who’s had a homeschooling book just waiting for publication for three years now.)

Why PopCred Requires PayPal Accounts

PayPal Required 1

Since offering our first workshop and then, a few days later, opening the PopCred Network for blog hosting, I’ve been asked a number of times if we will accept personal checks or cash. Some people don’t have a PayPal account. Some can’t remember how to access or use it. In all these cases the answer has been the same.

The answer is no.

There are two reasons I won’t deal with cash or checks — and insist on PayPal. One is all about us, the other is all about you.  Why PopCred Requires PayPal Accounts

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PopStars Resource Mashup – Headline Hints

This weeks’ top five must read posts. Write headlines that draw your readers in.

  • Huge List of 150 Compelling Headlines for Your Blog
    If you’re looking for a quick topic jumpstart, just use Mark Thompson’s list and plug in common terms used in your niche. You’ll have a long list of posts two write in no time.
  • 5 Reasons Readers Like Numbers in a Headline
    The most popular speech I give at homeschooling conventions (and the title of my upcoming book) is The 7 Success Habits of Homeschoolers. People like to be able to quantify things and there is something intriguing about the package presented with a finite number. In fact, note that four out of five items in today’s mashup have numbers in the headlines.
  • 5 Easy Tricks to Help You Write Catchy Headlines
    Writer and blogger, Jeff Goins, takes the position that the most important part of writing a post is crafting the perfect headline. Here he describes simply techniques to do draw readers to your posts.
  • 4 Post Headlines that are Guaranteed to Get Readers Excited
    Your headline is the first impression — and it needs to be a good one. Gregory Ciotti explains four different types of headlines that readers find irresistible.
  • Blog Titles: How to Write Winners Even if You Suck at It
    Although her title isn’t numbered, Ana Hoffman provides three solid ways to glean popular blog titles that are already proven to get results.

Moving WordPress.com to Self-Hosted WordPress.org with PopCred

Move WordPress.com to WordPress.org

Moving your blog content from WordPress.com to self-hosted WordPress.org with the PopCred network is simple. It will only take you a few minutes to complete. Follow these 10 easy steps:

  1. Go to your old blog at WordPress.com and login to the dashboard
  2. Go to Tools > Export
  3. Leave the All content radio button selected.
  4. Click Download Export File
  5. Go to your new blog at YourSite.PopCred.net and login to the dashboard
  6. Go to Tools > Import
  7. Click on WordPress
  8. Click on the Choose File button and select the file you exported in step 1.
  9. Click Upload file and import.
  10. Choose Download an import file attachments after you upload.

Now you own your blog and can monetize it however you choose!


WordPress 3.1 Infographic

WordPress 3.1 Inforgraphic



Guest post by Gerard Mcdaniel

My husband and I are looking for ways to save to buy a house. We know we have to cut down on our monthly expenses, but we can’t agree on what we are going to cut. He wants to cancel our Direct tv, but I say no way. There are so many ways we can cut expenses without giving up our sole form of in home entertainment.  [click to continue…]


BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2012

Save $200 if you register for BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2012 by March 22! (If you missed the early bird special, you can still save $100 if you register by May 15.)

Save June 5–7, 2012, for the biggest blogging event of the year. If you’re looking at making a serious income with your blogging, this is an event you should attend. This year’s event will be held in New York City.

In addition to super keynote sessions, topics will include:

Join the top bloggers and new media experts in the world at BlogWorld Expo NY 2012

  • Business of Blogging
  • Community
  • Content Creation
  • Mobile
  • Monetization
  • Platforms & Apps
  • Podcasting
  • Publishing
  • Social Media Business Summit
  • Traffic & Distribution
  • Workshops

here will be over 70 different speakers/presentations to chose from in this intense 3-day event. Heavyweights such as Matt Willbanks, Amy Porterfield, Jenna Langer, Paul Cooligan, Jelena Woehr, Jeff Hasen, and the list goes on and on. BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2012


How to Upgrade Your PopCred Site

If you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade to an Advanced or Expert blogging package or need to change the payment frequency or method, it’s simple. You can complete the three steps it in just a couple of minutes.

  1. Login to your site dashboard.
  2. Click on Your Account>Your Account. You will see your current plan and payment frequency.
    Account Upgrade How to Upgrade Your PopCred Site

How to Map a Domain to Your Site – MyDomain

In general, to map a domain you must change the A record(s) for the web server in the zone file for your domain, to point to the PopCred.net IP address:

This tutorial will show domain mapping with My Domain. If you have a different registrar the process may be slightly different. If you can’t create an A record on your registrar site, please check with the registrar customer support for specifics.

On PopCred.net, you can use a custom domain for your blog, such as yourdomain.com, instead of the default address you get when you sign up, like yoursubdomain.popcred.net. This is called Domain Mapping and is available for both the Advanced and Expert blogging packages.

Below are the 21 steps to map your domain. It might look like a lot to do, but it’s very manageable. Each item includes only a click or text entry. We have made this as easy as possible, with almost all of the labor being with your domain registrar.

If you really don’t want to navigate through this, we offer a domain mapping setup service for those who would rather have someone else do the work.

  1. Purchase a domain name at My Domain or any other reliable domain registrar. (If you need help, read this tutorial for choosing a great domain name.)
    MyDomain Add
  2. Wait until your domain shows a ready status. (This may take a few hours or up to a few days, depending on the registrar you selected and the day/time you registered.) Do not set up domain forwarding (http redirect). If you have already done so, you’ll need to disable it for domain mapping to work.  How to Map a Domain to Your Site

PopStars Resource Mashup – Brilliant Content

This weeks’ top five must read posts. Start writing your content with expert style.



How to Choose the Best Domain Names

Take some time to find a domain that fits your blogging niche. It’s possible to change a domain later, but it’s painful and you’ll take, at least, a temporary traffic/ranking hit. So do it right the first time.

When I coded my first web site in 1994, finding a great domain was easy. Today, domains are a scarce commodity. To test for availability, go to any domain registrar (I recommend My Domain), enter some combinations in the field, and click Find. You will be told if the domain is available for purchase.

Here are some tips for finding the best domain for your niche blog. How to Choose the Best Domain Names continued


Make Money Blogging Workshop 2 Complete

Another sold out workshop is complete. A great crowd attended the second Make Money With Your Blog Workshop. Thanks to all who came for the event.

The experience level ranged from those who had blogged for a few years to people wanted to get started. This made for a good question/answer period that lasted nearly an hour after the official closing time.

A number of attendees have already joined the network. I’m excited to work with you to help you make money blogging.