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About PopCred

In 1994, I created my first web site. It was a homeschooling curriculum catalog called Super Learning Tools for my company, Bright Spark Press, that resided on some America OnLine server space. As it became clear that the internet was the business wave of the future, I began working more and more on small business web solutions.

In 2008, creating affordable web sites for entrepreneurs became officially branded at Win-with-1.com.

On a local email list in January, 2012, a woman posted, “… blogging is pretty much a waste of time because I have far too much to do…”

My flippant response to the list was, “Depends on how much it pays.”

Much to my surprise — very much — I was flooded with emails asking:

  • Do you really make money blogging?
  • How do you make make money blogging?
  • Is this multi-level marketing?
  • Is this a scam?

The answers are: yes; do you have a couple of hours?; no; no.

After typing out a dozen responses, I asked on list if anyone was interested in having a blogging workshop to learn details. Again, my email box was flooded. In 24 hours I had 126 people who wanted to know more — just from a local homeschooling list.

Sam and I talked about the intense interest and how best to help people go through the learning curve and get on to the money. We realized that the best way to help new bloggers is to teach them the methods I’ve developed over nine years of blogging experience and help them overcome the two biggest hurdles to making money with a blog:

  1. Technical issues — website setup, maintenance, and updating
  2. Traffic generation — bringing targeted eaders and/or customers to your site

That night PopCred was born!

We are here to help you get started and keep going on a great adventure to create a small business website or blog and get the traffic you need to bring customers or readers to generate income. Join us as we work together to succeed!