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7 Steps to Selling a Digital Product Online

Digital products are a marketing dream. Once they are created, the hard work is done. As people come to your site, they can simply add the product to their cart, pay for the product, and download it right to their computers. All you have left to do is transfer the money from your PayPal account into your bank account.

As soon as you set up your online store and create a niche-related ebook or other digital product for your customers to download, you are ready to set up your first product!

Follow these seven simple steps and you’ll be ready to take orders in a flash.

  1. Login to your site dashboard by going to yoursite.popcred.net.
  2. Click on Products>Create New.
  3. Add a product title and description for your product.
  4. Under Product Details add a SKU (create your own numbering scheme) and price.
    Product Details
  5. Under Product Download, either enter the URL (if your file is already uploaded to a server) or click the Upload button, drag the file to the Drop file here area, add a title, caption, and description for your file, and click Insert into Post.
    Product Download
  6. Under Product Image click Set featured image. Drag the file to the Drop file here area, add a title, alternate text, and description for your file, ad click Insert into Post.
    Product Image
  7. Click Publish.
    Publish Button

Now you have a downloadable product in your store! Publicize your product through your blog or social media and make sales!

To write this tutorial, I created an ebook titled Recipes for Fun: Homemade Arts & Crafts. Check it out!

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  • Tandy3 June 1, 2012, 8:30 am

    This worked like a CHARM. I carefully worked through each step and it works PERFECTLY!

    Thanks for the detailed information. I’m on my way!

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