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31DBBB: Day #7 Write a Link Post

Chain Link RingDarren Rowse, author of 31 Days to Build a Better Blog said that one of the methods he has used to build readership on his blog is to be generous with linking to other blogs.

The posts you link to should be valuable to your readers and you should add value to them in your post. I’ve already done this a number of times on the Win with 1 blog, using some of his suggested methods. For example, one way to link and add value is to take the opposite view of the original poster. I did this once when I sincerely disagreed with a post, in Write Like a Pubescent Boy in a Locker Room: Fart Blogging, and once when I completely agreed with the original post, in 15 Simple Steps to Ruin Your Blog with Email.

In applying this lesson to my life change blog, I looked for another blog in that niche that had a good list post to which I can add some bullet points of my own. The Change Blog has a recent post titled What It Takes to Stay. I just published my addition titled Three More Ways to Stay.

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  • Ileane April 4, 2010, 2:07 am

    Hey Alison, I found the easiest way for me to do this is with the Zemanta browser extension. It will analyze your post’s content and recommend related posts from popular tech blogs. Zemanta often points to posts from bloggers I know and I would probably link to anyway. I’m sure it would be easy to find posts to form opposing views for also.

    Thanks for sharing Darren’s tip.

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